Video Gaming in Boston – A-Z – Creat Studios

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Gamasutra Company Profile

Founded – 1990

Headquarters – Canton, MA

Team – Boston

Vladimir Starzhevsky (CEO)

Linda Currie (Senior Producer)

Scott Hyman (Director Of Business Development)

Peter Calabria (Art Lead)

Chris Lane (Lead Designer)

Jason Benham (Tech Director)

Team – St. Petersburg

Anton Petrov (President)

Gleb Yaltchik (Production Director)

Mikhail Glazirin (Executive Producer)

Aleksey Rehlov (Design Director)

Slava Volodarsky (Manager Of Core Technology Team)

Vladimir Alexandrov (Art Director)

Interesting Facts:

– They have a development studio in St Petersburg, Russia

– They are developing games for PSP, PS3, Nintendo DS, Wii and XBox


Biker Mice From Mars (2006) (PS2, published by Konami)

Coded Arms: Contagion (2007) (PSP, published by Konami)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2007) (PS2, published by Midway)

Hot Brain (2007) (PSP, published by Midway)

Insecticide (2008)  (developed along with Crackpot Entertainment, Nintendo DS, published by Gamecock)


Video Game Companies in Boston – A-Z – Cecropia

Official Site


“The Act” Game Website

Founded – 1993

Headquarters – Lexington, MA

Team – Omar Kudhari (Director)

Broose Johnson (Animation Director)

David Kaemmer (Advisory Board)

Richard Hilleman (Advisory Board)

Desmond Pierri (Advisory Board)

Interesting Facts:

– Cecropia is creating “‘personality’ video games – games where something is going on in the characters’ heads – and what’s going on in their heads is what each game is all about.”

– Company creator Omar Kudhari got the idea for their game “The Act” while he was having at Dan Aykroyd’s house.  He says ” “We were reminiscing about Dan’s glory days on Saturday Night Live when it struck me, ‘Why not make video games with the same appeal as a comedy sketch?’”

Associated Files:

Video Review of The Act

More Updates & Articles

As I’m continuing to rearrange things on my blog, I’m also adding more new things – “Article” section is growing slowly, with more material from, and other sources. Subjects range from discussion of House Bill 1423, which would ban sales of video games to minors in Mass. to requirements for video game education.

Happy reading!

Updates, updates, updates…

Ok, so I had to leave blogging world for a while and there are some things that happened in Boston that deserve some of your attention, in my humble opinion…

Some of you probably heard about proposed Massachusetts law about ban on sale of video games to minors. It attracted attention of none other than the master of horror himself, Mr. Stephen King. (

Second part is that Westwood-based Turbine Inc. got $40 million in funding (

And the third and final part is that another Boston Post-Mortem meeting is coming this May – May 14 at 7PM at the Skelig in Waltham, to be exact.

July 7th Boston Post-Mortem meeting…


“This month the Boston Post Mortem is happy to welcome Drs. Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl K. Olson, authors of Grand Theft Childhood, a book released earlier this year that talks about the sometimes counterintuitive ways that video games both help and harm children. Kutner and Olson are based out of Harvard Medical School and Mass General Hopital, so we are extremely excited that they’ve agreed to present some of their findings to the local dev community!

On LinkedIn group progress

“Video Gaming in Boston” group was just created and so far, 4 people have joined:

Jon Radoff (GamerDNA)

John Richardson (Emerson College Game Developers Association)

Jonathan Aaronson (Turbine Inc.)

Brian Regan (Semper International, also been a member of hardcore rock band Skinlab)

I believe that this is an amazingly diverse group of people and I’m extremely thankful to all of them for joining me and my LinkedIn group.

Here’s to Boston-area gaming companies/talent!


“Video Gaming in Boston” group on LinkedIn

While there is a group called “Video Gamers” on LinkedIn, I just wanted to create something that’s more location-specific and thus Video Gaming in Boston was born.

Feel free to join by using the following link:

The only rule is that you should live around Boston and be an avid gamer or be involved in video game industry somehow.