Next Boston Post-Mortem meeting – August 5th – very special one

This one is just in…

Next Tuesday, August 5th, from 7-10pm at the Skellig in Waltham, is Boston Post Mortem, “Ralph Baer on Creating an Industry”!

Here is the announcement:

I know I say this every month, but the August Post Mortem is going to be a really, truly special one. For four reasons.

First, it’s earlier in the month than usual, Tuesday August 5. Take note.

Second, we will be debuting our new, much bigger projector screen, donated by Orbus Gameworks.

Third, Harmonix will be sponsoring food and drink, and will be bringing games to play on said projector screen.

Fourth, and most importantly, our speaker is Ralph Baer, inventor of the home video game console! His “brown box” prototype, initially created in 1968, was refined and released in 1972 as the Magnavox Odyssey, the first ever console as we know it. Some of Baer’s other game-related inventions include the light gun and Simon. He remains an active inventor to this day.

Mr. Baer is undoubtedly one of a handful of people who launched our entire industry, but if that weren’t enough to get you to come out, he will be bringing one of his “brown box” prototypes with him! (You can see another one at the Smithsonian.) He gave the highest-rated talk at GDC 2008, and will be gracing us with a discussion of what it was like to create an industry.

7pm, Tuesday, August 5
The Skellig, Waltham”

Dan Salsberg
Boston Post Mortem Committee
Rockstar New England”


More Blog/General Updates

After seeing more than a few local game companies posting a whole batch of new positions on their websites, I decided to create a separate page for job postings which I will update every 2 or 3 weeks.

At this point it seems that Harmonix, Blue Fang Games and Turbine Inc. are some of the most active recruiters in the area.


Hello, everyone and starting from today I’m going to guide you through any kind kind of developments in video gaming in Boston/Massachusetts area.

If you’re familiar with such titles as “Guitar Hero” and “Bioshock” (and you probably are), you might not know that both of those were developed by Massachusetts-based companies Harmonix and Demiurge Studios.

Until recently, Boston-based companies had little to no influence on overall gaming world, despite the fact that Boston produced plenty of notable geeks/nerds, thanks in part to to universities Harvard and MIT, as well as Museum of Science.  However, times they are a-changing, as they say, and with growing interest in local companies, no one can tell exactly what will the future be like for Bay State video game sector, but there’s plenty of promise and hopefully this blog will shine a light on some of the companies/developments that previously were known to only a little circle of fans/geeks.