Video Game Companies in Boston – A-Z – Cecropia

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“The Act” Game Website

Founded – 1993

Headquarters – Lexington, MA

Team – Omar Kudhari (Director)

Broose Johnson (Animation Director)

David Kaemmer (Advisory Board)

Richard Hilleman (Advisory Board)

Desmond Pierri (Advisory Board)

Interesting Facts:

– Cecropia is creating “‘personality’ video games – games where something is going on in the characters’ heads – and what’s going on in their heads is what each game is all about.”

– Company creator Omar Kudhari got the idea for their game “The Act” while he was having at Dan Aykroyd’s house.  He says ” “We were reminiscing about Dan’s glory days on Saturday Night Live when it struck me, ‘Why not make video games with the same appeal as a comedy sketch?’”

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Video Review of The Act


GAMBIT Game Lab Playtesting Open House

Boston Post-Mortem sez’

“The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab is hosting an open house where you can come in and playtest the games that their summer students have been working on. I’ve played a bunch of their games at various stages of development this summer and I have to say that I’ve been impressed with the crop of very bright kids making some very cool games.

In their own words:

This Wednesday come to our evening GAMBIT Game Lab Open House, play one or all of our seven games in development, and tell us what you think! Our students have been working hard all summer, and there’s just one week left. We need a few good sets of eyes to look at our games, and help us determine what last polish and shine to put on them to make them sparkle.

One of our games this year is targeted at children aged 12-14; we could especially use testers in that age range, if any of you have children and would like to bring them.

Please RSVP to, so that we will know how many people are coming – we wouldn’t want the munchies to run out!

When: July 30th, 4 PM to 6 PM.
Where: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, 5 Cambridge Center, 3rd Floor (aka MIT Bldg NE25-388 )
(Please sign up as visitors in the lobby when you arrive.)”

Video Game Companies in Boston – A-Z

This list is largely based on Boston Post-Mortem list of MA-based companies, but I also added few companies that are/were defunct. List includes both creators of casual games as well as traditional video game makers.


38 Studios – Maynard

Blue Fang Games – Waltham

Cecropia – Lexington

Creat Studios – Canton

Dejobaan Games – Northborough

Demiurge Studios – Cambridge

Floodgate Entertaiment – Cambridge

Funkitron – Boxford

Galactic Village Games – Westford

Harmonix Music Systems – Cambridge

Helixe / THQ – Burlington

Injoy Games – Brookline

Irrational Games – Boston

Magic Hat Software – Westwood

Metaversal Studios – Boston

Muzzy Lane – Newburyport

Rockstar New England (formerly Mad Doc Software) – Andover

Sports Mogul Inc. – Medford

Tilted Mill Entertainment – Wellesley

Turbine, Inc.- Westwood

Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment – Ashland

WorldWinner – Newton


Iron Lore

Stainless Steel Studios

Video Game Companies in Boston – A-Z – Blue Fang Games

Website –

Founded – 1998

Headquarters – Waltham, MA

Interesting Facts:

– Company is mostly producing Zoo Tycoon games, with non-Tycoon related title in works

– In 2007 Steve Meretzky (Planetfall, The Hitchiker’s Guide to Galaxy)  joined the company as a studio designer and as the company puts it, he is responsible for “continually ensuring the quality of the game’s design throughout development.”



As you may or may not know, I’m currently going through a web design certificate course at New England Institute of Art ( and the fact that I came to one of the classes and wasn’t even supposed to be here because class was canceled, resulted in this…

By mistake, I was invited to a presentation by a company called GameBrix ( While not based in Massachusetts, company and idea/product that they’re trying to promote are quite remarkable in their own way.

Quote – “GameBrix enables everyone to create Flash games online without any programming. Anyone can create flash animations and sprites online using, a drag and drop interface. Script editor enables Actionscript users to create complex games.”

On LinkedIn group progress

“Video Gaming in Boston” group was just created and so far, 4 people have joined:

Jon Radoff (GamerDNA)

John Richardson (Emerson College Game Developers Association)

Jonathan Aaronson (Turbine Inc.)

Brian Regan (Semper International, also been a member of hardcore rock band Skinlab)

I believe that this is an amazingly diverse group of people and I’m extremely thankful to all of them for joining me and my LinkedIn group.

Here’s to Boston-area gaming companies/talent!



Hello, everyone and starting from today I’m going to guide you through any kind kind of developments in video gaming in Boston/Massachusetts area.

If you’re familiar with such titles as “Guitar Hero” and “Bioshock” (and you probably are), you might not know that both of those were developed by Massachusetts-based companies Harmonix and Demiurge Studios.

Until recently, Boston-based companies had little to no influence on overall gaming world, despite the fact that Boston produced plenty of notable geeks/nerds, thanks in part to to universities Harvard and MIT, as well as Museum of Science.  However, times they are a-changing, as they say, and with growing interest in local companies, no one can tell exactly what will the future be like for Bay State video game sector, but there’s plenty of promise and hopefully this blog will shine a light on some of the companies/developments that previously were known to only a little circle of fans/geeks.