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As I’m continuing to rearrange things on my blog, I’m also adding more new things – “Article” section is growing slowly, with more material from, and other sources. Subjects range from discussion of House Bill 1423, which would ban sales of video games to minors in Mass. to requirements for video game education.

Happy reading!


Other People’s Work – Carlos Cabrera

Yet another bunch of freebies!

Argentinian artist Carlos Cabrera is offering a couple of video tutorials on his website:

There are only 4 of them – 3 video tutorials (alien, vampire and metal painting) + one PDF, which may not seem like a lot, but all tutorials are quite extensive.

And its free, after all.

Boston Post Mortem via moving pictures – Steve Meretzky presentation

Boston Post Mortem provided a link to Steve Meretzky ( January talk, filmed by Jason Scott.

See it here –

See also – BPM Feb. 13 Meeting Reminder –

Other People’s Thoughts – Patrick Curry on Game Design

In March of the last year, Patrick Curry (lead designer for Stubbs the Zombie game) published this curious article:

I believe that its still valid – as far as I see it, game design (or any kind of design, for that matter) is about tasteful incorporation of daily elements of living into one cohesive whole.

All philosophy aside – look more carefully into step 3 and you’ll see a note about IGDA ( and then you can take a look at a list of their chapters all over the world and see if there’s one in your city:

Other People’s Thoughts – Mayor Menino on Video Games

Exhibit A –

Exhibit B –

So, apparently, mayor Menino was/still is extremely interested in bringing digital video game companies to the area, but as other article states, he’s also interested in banning games that promote violence.

So far, it doesn’t seem that any bills related to game violence ever made it anywhere in MA (or anywhere else, for that matter), but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that mayor Menino is still not sure whether Massachusetts needs more game companies.

Book Review – Paid to Play

Paid to Play is a relatively small book, packed with advice on how to break into video gaming industry. More than that, it also helps to break a couple of myths/stereotypes along the way – namely, the one about work in the industry being all about giveaways of free games and ability to play games all day.

You can expect to find chapters on QA/testing, retail, management and many other ways to get a foot in door, as well as some advice on resumes/cover letters and interview process.

Boston Post Mortem searches

Here’s something completely not related to either gaming or Boston, MA:

According to dashboard, a lot of people are looking for post mortem pics and finding my site. I can honestly tell that I didn’t wanted it this way!

Honestly, I have no idea why Boston Post Mortem even called themselves that way, but I hope that people who are looking for…emm….dead people pics will cheer up a little bit after realizing that there’s no dead people in there. None.