About Blog – Traditionally, most game companies were concentrated in places like Seattle and Los Angeles. Situation is changing, however, with games like “Rock Band” (Harmonix) and Bioshock (Demiurge / Irrational Games). This blog is all about Boston-based game companies and any events surrounding advancement of gaming in Boston and around. Occasionally, I will also write about non-Boston related events/stories, if only because things are still moving a bit slow around here when it comes to gaming.

About Me – My name is Ilya (first one is I, not L, in case if you’re wondering) and I am a bilingual (Russian/English) Bostonian, with a strong interest in all things technology, science and art. I got my first PC in 1995 and been playing games ever since!

You can write any comments/suggestions or letters to sitnikovi@hotmail.com. Thank You!


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